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Museum of Innovation

Museum of Innovation at Ulster Transport Museum
Permanent Exhibition

Our 'Museum of Innovation' exhibition showcases the most innovative objects from our collections, and explores how their inventors have contributed to Northern Ireland's long and illustrious legacy of innovation. 

Discover the stories behind the development of the first portable defibrillator, and how the Short brothers began their career in aviation. Learn how Harry Ferguson revolutionised agriculture across the globe with his invention of the 3-point linkage, and find out the origins of the infamous DeLorean DMC-12 car! 

You'll have the chance to learn more about the personal stories of achievement and advancement associated with our objects, and to explore why these innovations are so important for the engineers and scientists of the future. We have worked with our partners from across the field of science and technology to reinterpret our collections in a new and dynamic space, dedicated to innovation. 


Innovator In Focus

The Museum of Innovation allows us to tell tales of Irish and Northern Irish ingenuity and invention, and show how these innovations are relevant to the engineers and scientists of the future. These individuals pushed the boundaries of what was thought achievable in pursuit of their dreams. Their machines had a global impact in their respective fields inspiring generations of future scientists and engineers in the process. Explore the stories of our featured innovators in focus. 

Museum of Innovation Objects