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Owen McNallys yellow motorbike
Open Now!
10:00 - 17:00

Seven new motorbikes have been added to the Driven exhibition! 

Here at the Ulster Transport Museum, we've acquired seven motorbikes that were connected to some of Northern Ireland's road racing legends, including Joey Dunlop, Robert Dunlop and Ryan Farquhar. You can visit them now in the B Galleries.

About Road Racing

In 1922, local innovator Harry Ferguson, along with several interested parties, proposed the Road Races Act to the newly formed Northern Ireland government. The passing of this significant Act began a history of motorcycle and motor vehicle road racing that has made Northern Ireland famous on a global scale. 

For over a century, road racing has been at the heart of the motorcycling community in Northern Ireland. Unlike many other countries, the culture of racing on public road circuits has endured and thrived across the island of Ireland. The risks are high, but, despite the danger, riders flock to take part in the local calendar of races with the North West 200 becoming one of the most popular in the world, attracting thousands of fans and tourists every year. 

New Motorbike Acquisitions 

This collection of seven motorcycles celebrates several generations of some of the greatest road racing champions of all time. Legends of the racing world, they are immortalised through their achievements and the talent and bravery they showed on the track.  Joey Dunlop, Robert Dunlop, Ryan Farquhar, Philip McCallen, Frank Kennedy, Tom Herron and Owen McNally all have their motorcycles featured in this exhibition covering a period from the 1970s to the 2010s.

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