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local waves

Local Waves is a four-part podcast series hosted by Curator of Transport and Industry, Clare Ablett.

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Waves crashing onto rocks

Curator of Transport and Industry, Clare, interviews local people from across Northern Ireland who interact with the sea in different ways to learn about their 'local waves' and for insight into how water-based activities can help to improve mental health and establish connections with the sea. 

This series aims to encourage people of all abilities to engage with the water on a sensory level, using sound as a way of making our local waves more accessible to everyone. Stay tuned at the end of each podcast to relax and listen to the sounds of waves from around our coastline.

Episode 1

Legendary surfer, Al Mennie, talks to us about his local waves along the north coast. As well as surfing some of the biggest waves in the world, Al has also written several books on the subject, with a focus on surfing helping to overcome and deal with anxiety and fear. His most recent project has been a sponsored 100km swim in the dark to raise awareness of depression during the coronavirus pandemic. Al describes what it’s like to ride a 70ft wall of water and how his time in the sea has impacted other areas of his life.

Episode 2

Iain McCarthy is the owner of SupHubNI, a paddleboarding school based around the North Down coast. Iain explains his passion for the sport of paddleboarding, how this led him to set up his own school, and some top tips for anyone looking to take up the sport.

Episode 3

Hear from Nicole Morelli, founder of the Menopausal Mermaids, a sea swimming club based in the Portrush area. Nicole discusses the many health benefits of cold water therapy, and how sea swimming has changed her life.

Episode 4

Libby Keatley, a passionate diver who tells us about what’s involved in the underwater sport, from training and equipment to the journey underwater, the surprising things that can be found in our local waters, and her adventures around her local waves of Larne and the Maidens lighthouse.